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IVR Components

SymBase5 - IVR platform

SymBase5 is the universal IVR platform comprising the components speech recognition, dialog management, speech generation and telephony interface. The integration is really simple: SymBase5 can be embedded into any modern telecommunications system via SIP. The connection to the customer's systems can occur via database calls (JDBC) or web service.

SymRec - Speech Recognition

The speech recognition can as well be integrated as a single component irrespective of SymBase5. For this, there is either a MRCP interface or a proprietary C interface at disposal.

SympaSurvey - survey for customer feedback

SympaSurvey is an automatic survey for customer feedback which can be configured by a specialist department via a user-friendly web interface. Thus, a new list of questions can be prepared easily. Besides yes/no-questions or school grades, free speech is also possible. If desired, the speech can be turned into text (tanscription), which makes the evaluation and analysis of the statements much easier.

SympaSurvey can also be hosted for minor surveys.